Rincon de la Vieja, Volcano Costa Rica

Costa Rica is one of the remaining countries still in the process of formation, at Rincon de la Vieja you can observe this geological process with geysers, fumaroles, hot mud pits, little volcanoes of mud, waters at different temperatures, and also enjoy a healthy natural Spa.

It is located in the northern zone of Liberia, on the volcanic mountain range of Guanacaste.       

Canopy, an unforgettable experience in the treetops.

Blue cascade: after a journey of approximately an hour and a half, crossing a tropical forest in transition, you arrive at a beautiful cascade of deep blue waters, because of the high amounts of copper content.

In the National Park it is possible to find little "mud volcanoes", fumaroles and geysers.

Thermal water springs: within a beautiful garden of Encino's there are natural pools of sulfured thermal waters, an excellent natural gift for the body.

Horseback riding: down diverse zones of the volcanic area,  an excellent way to visit sites of the region both near and far.

Canopy: platforms and an area bridge (11 lines) on the top of the trees, provided under the strictest security measures. There are different levels of platforms, connected with steel cables. This allows you to ride from one platform to another. With complete equipment consisting of harnesses, pulleys, security cables and other climbing equipment, we can run distances of 40 to 90 meters from one tree to another. All this allows us to see nature from another perspective, with the intention of preserving the forests for research and educational purposes.

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