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incredible  adventure in a jungle  Welcome to the most extraordinary jungle adventure, we hope that you will enjoy it with us!!! We start the adventure from the National Theater in San Jose built in 1897 and considered to be one of the most beautiful theaters in Latin America. On our way out of the Central Valley, we cross part of the Braulio Carrillo National Park. The park lies in one of the most rugged regions in the country. Almost the entire landscape is broken up by towering mountains heavily cloaked with thick cloudy forestry and by innumerable swollen rivers that cave deep canyons. After a technical stop at a coffee shop and a visit to a banana plantation, we will start the best part of the trip: traveling through the canals and rivers that take us to Tortuguero in specially designed boats.

During the 70 Km through the rivers and canals by boat you will enjoy the diversity of flora and fauna in its natural habitat. Tortuguero National Park is located on the northern Caribbean plain of the Country. A navigable network of lakes and canals parallel to the coast crosses the park with a great scenic beauty, home to a great number of species surrounded by an exuberant tropical vegetation. Tortuguero is considered the most important nesting site on the western half of the Caribbean for the green turtles (Chelonia mydas) that comes to the beach to nest every year.


Tortuguero is one of the wilderness areas with the greatest biological variety. To date, 11 habitats have been identified in the park and it is easy to observe this rich fauna where you are able to find several species of monkeys, sloth's, crocodiles, iguanas, parrots, macaws, toucans, Gar Fish, Blue-jeans Frog or Strawberry Poison-dart Frog (Dendrobates pumilio) Spanish name: Rana  roja  and much more.
ilan ilan Hotel is located across from the airport of Tortuguero, between the two main canals.  It has its own forest and garden.  The rooms are made of cement and they are very comfortable, safe and cleaned.               
Our packages includes:
 transportation , bilingual guide, Lodging , meals, the basic visits in Tortuguero area   see aerial view

San Jose / Tortuguero Canals / San Jose   more info    Photos   price per person    clasic Travel               3 days 2 nights

$ 285.-

Package  by  boat   Leaving from port  la  Pavona  / tortuguero National Park                                   tour for   3 days 2  nights 

$ 270.-

Program by boat   Leaving from port   La   Pavona  / tortuguero  jungle adventure for                                      2 days 1 night   

$ 190.-

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